Friday, August 28, 2015

Open the windows of your imagination

Steven Charleston is the retired bishop of Alaska and the retired dean of our seminary in Boston, Massachusetts, and much more.

He lives in Oklahoma where he is a citizen of the Choctaw Nation. He is also among the most powerful, insightful and inspiring preachers in the Episcopal Church today. He posts a daily reflection on his Facebook, and I like to pass these along from time-to-time. Here is the one for today:

“Open the windows of your imagination, for a new wisdom is about to fly into your life. It will be coming unexpectedly. It will appear like a revelation, even though the threads of this story are old and tangled. Like a watchman, you have kept the issues and the personalities before you, considering them over and over. Now they will fall into place, connecting the dots of your hope, showing you for the first time what tomorrow will look like. Be up and moving. Be prepared. A new wisdom is about to fly into you life: stand on the edge of what you know and look for the light just beyond.”

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